Insurance through SMSF

Information on Insurance for SMSF members (From ATO)

Investment Strategy (ATO)

The following information on this page comes directly from the ATO website:

When preparing your investment strategy you're required to consider whether to hold insurance cover for each member of your SMSF. Your SMSF can generally provide insurance for a member for an event that is consistent with one of these conditions of release of the member's super:

  • Death
  • Terminal Medical Condition
  • Permanent Incapacity (causing the member to permanently cease working)
  • Temporary Incapacity (causing the member to temporarily cease working)"
Source: Insurance for members

SMSF Insurance Deductability (ATO)

The following information on this page comes directly from the ATO website:

Death, total and permanent disability, terminal illness and income protection insurance premiums

A specific deduction is available to the trustee of a complying super fund in relation to insurance premiums paid for insurance policies that are for current or contingent liabilities to provide death or disability benefits. A deduction is available in relation to the insurance premiums to provide for the following types of death or disability benefits:

  • super death benefits
  • terminal medical condition benefits
  • disability super benefits
  • benefits provided due to temporary inability to engage in gainful employment for a specified period.
Source: Self-managed superannuation funds – deductibility of expenses

General Advice Warning

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